Advisory Committee

The LEAP project is supported by an international advisory committee of experts in the fields of paleoclimatology, geochemistry, palaeoecology, palaeomobility, climate modelling and science communication, covering a wide range of aspects of this project. The committee will help and guide the researchers of the LEAP project in their work.

Em. Prof. Claire Billen

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB),

Claire is a medievalist and has always been interested in the history of societal and economic changes in ancient and current times.

Prof. Michel Crucifix


Michel has a strong expertise in climate modelling and palaeoclimate dynamics, with a focus on the phenomenon of ice ages, variability and tipping points.

Nico Teirlinck

VRT news,

Nico has a long career as a journalist at VRT and has an interest in archaeology and history.

Prof. Kate Britton

University of Aberdeen,
United Kingdom

Kate is specialized in prehistory, bioarchaeology, palaeodietary and palaeomobility reconstruction.

Prof. Harvey Weiss

Yale University,

Harvey has a long-standing expertise in the relation between climate change and societal dynamics.

Dr. Rafiq Hamdi

Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium and Ghent University,

Rafiq is specialized in (regional) climate modelling and climate impact on society, and teaches surface modelling in numerical weather prediction.

Prof. Wim Hoek

Utrecht University,
The Netherlands

Wim is a quaternary geologist and palynologist, with a main research focus is on the impact of past climate change on landscape and vegetation in the region bordering the research area (Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta and coversand region).

Dr. Lucy Kubiak-Martens

BIAX Consult,
The Netherlands

Lucy is specialized in the role of plant foods in hunter-gatherer and early agrarian subsistence in temperate Europe and semi-arid Africa.

Balthazar Blumberg


Balthazar reflects on the crossover between nature, science and narration and visualizes this through art

Prof. Nathalie Fagel

Université de Liège,

Nathalie is a mineralogist and a sedimentary geochemist who has investigated both continental and marine, mainly Quaternary, sedimentary records to perform paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

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